Services and boatyard

The Porto San Giorgio Marina provides all of its guests with a wide range of services and the support of dedicated staff.


  • Communications: VHF radio equipment, CB and fax allowing all forms of communication with the port
  • Fuel distribution plant at the entrance to the port with fenders to protect the sides of the vessel during manoeuvres
  • Fire fighting equipment on pontoons and berths
  • Drinking water and electricity (220-380 volts) provided on berths
  • Berthing assistance
  • Subaqua services: divers
  • 24/7 surveillance and access control



  • Toilets and showers
  • 3 land storage facilities for the temporary storage of equipment, sails, etc.
  • Waste collection and disposal with dedicated recycling facilities
  • Bicycle and scooter rentals
  • Car hire
  • Yacht Club and restaurants


The Boatyard at Porto San Giorgio Marina (Cantiere Navale Marina di Porto San Giorgio S.p.A.) is located in the port and managed internally. It is equipped to perform work on boats of all kinds and all sizes.

Structure and facilities

  • Surface area of 12,000 m2 with 24/7 surveillance and adjacent car parking
  • Dedicated 50 metre long berth to carry out maintenance on boats in the water
  • 6 metre-wide towing tank
  • Boat-lift tanks


  • 100 tonne travel-lift for hauling and launching
  • Runner telescopic trolley with a capacity of 4 tonnes
  • Motorized boat trolley with a capacity of 25 tonnes
  • Collection tank for boat washing
  • Workshop



  • Storage on cradles
  • Dry docks for pleasure and commercial boats
  • Complete repainting services (sides and superstructure)
  • Polishing of the sides
  • Repair of fibreglass hulls with polyester and epoxy resin and carbon fibre
  • Mounting bow thrusters, including insertion of fibreglass tunnel
  • Carpentry
  • Antifouling treatment including primer application
  • Anti-osmosis treatment guaranteed by international and Venetian products
  • Internal workshop equipped for any type of maintenance, including installation and maintenance of all types of inboard and outboard motors and axle alignment
  • Electrical and plumbing maintenance on boats, including installation of air conditioning, desalination systems, etc.
  • Repair of fibreglass and wooden boats
  • Repair of aluminium and wooden masts
  • General maintenance
  • Inspections for assessments and preparation of quotes