Fabriano's wealth and commitment to the fine arts in the late medieval period have left it with many monuments. The Town Hall Square (Piazza del Comune) is the monumental center of the city. In the middle of it, the Sturinalto Fountain (1285), designed by Jacopo di Grondolo, who was inspired by the Fontana Maggiore in Perugia.


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The Cathedral of St. Venantius (14th century, rebuilt in 1607-1617)
From the Baroque restoration are the stucco decoration of the interior and the canvasses by Gregorio Preti, Salvator Rosa, Giovan Francesco Guerrieri, Giuseppe Puglia and Orazio Gentileschi. To the original Cathedral belong the polygonal apse, the cloister and the St. Lawrence Chapel, with frescoes from of Allegretto di Nuzio (c. 1360). Also important are the frescoes with histories of the Holy Cross by the Folignate Giovanni di Corraduccio (1415).

The Palazzo del Podestà (1255)
Built in white stone from Vallemontagnana and subsequently modified several times, it has a bridge structure, a memory of the stream which once flew under it. The central arcade has frescoes from the 13th -14th centuries portraying warriors and an enigmatic Wheel of Fortune moved by a feminine figure.

The Communal Palace (c. 1350, rebuilt in 1690)
It was the residence of the Chiavelli family, lords of the city until 1435. In the court is a lapidarium with fragments of buildings of the ancient Roman cities of Attidium (Attiggio), Tuficum (Borgo Tufico) and Sentinum (Sassoferrato).


The Church of Sts. Blaise and Romuald
Rebuilt in the 18th century, it is richly decorated.

The Church of San Domenico
On the left side, a 14th century building. Fine the polygonal apse and the bell tower.

The Church of  Saint Augustine
The 13th century Gothic portal and two Gothic chapels behind the presbytery with important frescoes are worthy of note.

The former Hospital of St. Mary of Good Jesus (1456)
Elegant for the porch, the mullioned windows and the cloister from the 15th century.

The Open Gallery of St. Francis (c. 1450)

The Vasari Portico (1316)

The Museum of Paper

The Benedictine Abbey

The Collegiata of St. Nicholas

The Oratory of the Gonfalone