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The Cathedral
Reconstructed in 1227, the Cathedral has a Gothic facade made of Istrian stone, divided by light pilasters and with a central rose-window (1348), a bell tower from the same age, and a side portal. The interior has been modernized, in particular after its destruction by Christian of Mainz in 1176 by order of Frederick Barbarossa. Excavations held (1934-35) under the church's pavement brought to light remains from the 2nd century AC and of a Palaeo-Christian basilica dating to the 6th century AC. Among the possessions of the treasury of the Cathedral is a chasuble said to have belonged to St. Thomas Becket, murdered in Canterbury on 1170 and canonized by Pope Alexander II on 1173.

The Roman reservoir
Under the Dominican order monastery there is a very large Roman reservoir in two stories, belonging to the imperial period, divided into many chambers, at least 24 on each level, each 9 by 6 mt.


The Bishop Presbitero (1184-1203)
Just outside the Porta S. Francesco, the Roman theater, scant traces of an amphitheater and remains of the city wall. The medieval embattled walls superposed on it are picturesque.

The Church of Saint Francis
The church has a good tower and choir in brickwork of 1240, the rest having been restored in the 17th century.

The Palazzo Comunale
Restored in 1446, with a statue of Pope Sixtus V in front of it. The Public Librarye contains a collection of inscriptions and antiquities.